Ways to Support

Create an endowed fund

Building an Endowment

A significant priority of the MBPH Foundation Committee, and as supported by many local philanthropists, is to build an endowment that will generate funds to support our region’s health service and research needs in perpetuity.

The endowment is contributed to through bequests, named funds and large gifts that have been entrusted to the Committee to manage and distribute income on an annual basis to various areas of need via Grant rounds.

The endowment will be carefully managed by the Foundation Committee.

Whilst the Foundation still operates all year round with donations from campaigns for immediate needs and impact, donors can also choose to leave the decision to the Foundation Committee to be allocated to the area of greatest need or in a named fund (in the name of individuals or families).

Many bequests are also directed towards supporting and building the endowment.

If you would like more details on how you or your family can establish a named fund and contribute to the endowment, please contact Heath Kendall on 0413 437 252 or email hkendall@mbph.org.au.