About Us

About Us

Mildura Base Public Hospital has been servicing the Northern Mallee region for over 130 years and is one of the largest and most comprehensive sub-regional health services in Australia, providing care at all stages of life and circumstances.

Health services available through MBPH cover the full spectrum from primary care, community services, rehabilitation, mental health, emergency and acute care.

With more than 1,140 staff, MBPH is the region’s largest employer and plays an important role in the training and education of health professionals through its partnerships with La Trobe University and Monash University’s Rural School of Health.





Catchment of



Total overnight visitors


Year Ending December 2021

Total day trip visitors


Year Ending December 2021

In a 12-month period

33, 907 Emergency Department presentations

19,758 Admissions

5,886 Operations

858 Babies born

6,578 Ambulance arrivals

4,026 Dialysis

2,512 Chemo

24,584 Community services appointments

3,673 Fracture clinic visits

Our Ethics

The MBPH Foundation is the fundraising arm of the Mildura Base Public Hospital, governed by a passionate and dedicated committee which are fiercely committed to supporting the health of the Northern Mallee and to uphold the wishes of our supporters. The MBPH Foundation commits to ethical fundraising and investment, ensuring that our supporters receive the highest level of care. We take our role as the custodians of our supporter donations very seriously.

While the Victorian Government funds the hospital’s standard operating costs, your donations support medical excellence. The programs and initiatives funded by donated money create outcomes that are above and beyond the hospital’s normal day-to-day activities. They take MBPH from a good hospital to a great hospital and what’s more – they wouldn’t exist without the generous support of people like you.

Our Funding Considerations

Each year the MBPH Board provide the MBPH Foundation with an agreed list of priorities, ensuring that donations are invested in the areas of greatest need. We work closely with MBPH’s Executive and clinicians to understand the need for investment across the entire health service. Our number one priority is to always adhere to the wishes of our supporters.

Some of our objectives include:

  • To raise funds for research and clinical trials which improve the care and health of our community
  • To fund medical scholarships which enhance the quality and skills of our clinicians
  • To raise capital for vital campaigns
  • To raise funds for the purchase of equipment and medical facilities
  • To raise fund to improve and support the wellbeing of our patients, staff and our community