Our History

Mildura Base Public Hospital

The history of the Mildura Base Public Hospital began in 1891 when a committee formed to establish a public hospital in Mildura which become known as the ‘hospital cottage’.

After much community fundraising, it was opened in March 1892. In 1925 the Mildura District Hospital was renamed the Mildura Base Hospital and in 1934 a new hospital was completed in Thirteenth Street.

In 2000 Mildura Base Hospital moved to its current address on Ontario under the management of private provider, Ramsay Health, but on September 15, 2020 the hospital was returned to public management after much lobbying by the community.

Now known as Mildura Base Public Hospital, it serves as the biggest employer in the region, servicing communities across the Northern Mallee and into the Riverland in South Australia and parts of regional New South Wales.