2024 KC Luncheon Raises over $50,000!

More than 100 guests attended the 2024 KC Society Luncheon enjoying shared platters supplied by 400 Gradi & Stefano Café.
On the day the MBPH Foundation raised just over $50,000 via auction, raffle and generous donations.

2023 Gala Ball Was A Huge Success!

The 2023 MBPH Foundation Gala Ball was a fantastic night.
With over 400 tickets sold, everyone enjoyed  great food and a great atmosphere while helping to raise money for better healthcare in our community!

MBPH Foundation Cocktail Party & Fashion Parade

The MBPH Foundation Cocktail Party & Fashion Parade was a huge success!

Thanks to Mildura City Heart for partnering this fabulous event that provided the crowd of 180 with glitz & glamour.

All proceeds of this event went to The Lucas Foundation which is famous for helping children and families in need.